FAQ: KU Webmail Service

FAQ: KU Webmail Service

Question: What is the website of KU Webmail ?
Answer: Can using KU Webmail via http://webmail.ku.ac.th .

Question: I would like to using e-Mail via Smart Phone and Computer Notebook. How should i do ?
Answer: You can setting Mail-Client on your smartphone and computer notebook via https://nontri.ku.ac.th/tools/manual.php

Question: What is the maximum size of the files attached with E-mails?
Answer: Not exceed 10 MB.

QuestionWhich types of files will be verified while being attached with E-mails?
Answer: The following files will be verified and cannot be attached with E-mails even in form of compressed files (*.scr *.bat *.com *.exe *.dll *.vbs *.vbe *.pif *.eml *.cmd *.hlp *.mht *.wab *.bas *.lnk *.dbx *.shs *.hta *.wsf *.wsh *.wse และ *.wmf)

Question: Where can i check my quota of inbox mail ?

AnswerCan check your quota of inbox mail via  https://nontri.ku.ac.th/tools/chkquota.html

Question: How long do i can use email of KU ?
Answer: KU Student can using email via lifetime and also using when graduated (email for life).
Question: How can i do about spam mail ?
Answer: You can handle spam mail following; Forwarding email to antispam@ku.ac.th Click