Phone Application Services

Office of Computer Services provide Phone Applications for support KU Student and Staff in order to access the IT university services.


  • NisitKU: For checking Grade, Study Registration, Study Schedule and Exam Schedule via Android | iOS 
  • InsideKU: For searching necessary information such as Faculty, Organization, Building Map, Convenience Store Map, ATM, Bicycle Parking and Others via Android | iOS 
  • KingRama9@KU: For remembrance of the His Majesty King Rama 9. Android | iOS
  • KU 4.0: For decorating photo frame via concept “KU for SMART ARGICULTURE 4.0 Android | iOS
  • KasetFair: For visitor of KasetFair such as Map and Schedule of KasetFair Festival via Android
  • Commencement Day: For Student and other such as Map and Schedule of Commencement Day via Android
  • KU Cloud Print – PrinterOn: For Online Printing via Smart Phone/Browser and get print documents at nearest printer service area via Android | iOS
  • KUWiN Tools – Auto Login: For access KUWiN (University Wireless Network) with Auto-Login via Android [Developed by Kasom Koht-arsa, CPE - Faculty of Engineering, KU]