Documentary Manual and Form

Documentary Manual and Form


  • Form

001 Homepage for KU academic meeting form via

002 Bandwith quota form

003 Nontri Account for KU academic meeting or seminar form

004 Server hosting name registration form via

005 Agreement server registration form for open the server service via

006 Nontri Account for Personnel application form

007 Nontri Account for Temporary personnel application form

008 Homepage for KU organization application form (Bangkhen Campus) via

009 Homepage for KU organization application form (Kampangsan Campus)

010 Nontri Account application form for new KU student and staff

011 e-Mail Address application form



  • Documentary and Manual

001 Handbook for electronic guarantee system on Nontri Network for IE | Netscape | Firefox | Linux | Safari

002 Handbook for detail checking of electronic guarantee system on Nontri Network for IE | Netscape | Firefox | Opera

003 Handbook of electronic guarantee system deleting on Nontri Network for IE | Netscape | Firefox | Opera

004  Handbook for setting double key and certificate signing request (CSR) for department that own web server OpenSSL | Windows Server

005 How to install the electronic guarantee for web server Apache SSL Web Server | Internet Information Services (IIS)

006 Hand book for network time protocol

007 Wireless introducing handbook (KUWiN)

008 The program installing for secure shell client  on Windows 98 handbook for Putty | SecureCRT | SSHWin

009 Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) handbook

010 Mail Client setting manual for iPhone | Android | Android (Lollipop)

011  KU Cloud Print สำหรับ iPhone | Android | Web Browser

012 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Setup Manual

013 Service document for Nisit  Click