KU ALL-Login system

We provide KU All-Login System Service for KU students, staff and temporary users in order to authenticating to the university’s network system and information systems.

KU All-Login is single sign-on authentication which is support users more security and more comfortable.

System Features:

  1. KU All-Login can stay logged in about 8 hours on systems.
  2. KU All-Login can access all the university information systems.
  3. Centralized management which is more security.

Applications on KU All-Login system:

  1. https://login.ku.ac.th
  2. https://kusmartp.ku.ac.th
  3. https://vpn.ku.ac.th
  4. https://cloudbox.ku.ac.th
  5. https://itsupport.ku.ac.th/Helpdesk
  6. https://edufarm.ku.ac.th
  7. https://hris.ku.ac.th
  8. Internal Affairs Division Systems