SmartPhone Application Services

We provide Smartphone Applications for supporting KU students and staff in order to access the university’s information.

System Support:

  1. Android
  2. iOS


  1. KULife: For KU staff to access the personal’s information; education background, salary’s information, position’s information and others.
  2. InsideKU: For KU students, staff and general public to access the university’s information; the university’s news, KasetFair’s information, Graduation Ceremony’s information, Air Quality report, Bus routes, KU Maps, KU Dormitory and Bicycle routes.
  3. NisitKU: For KU students to check grade, registration, study’s schedule and exam’s  schedule.
  4. iDKU: To create photo frames via social media.
  5. KingRama9@KU: To remembrance of the His Majesty King Rama 9.


More information:

Helpdesk 2nd floor, OCS building

Tel: (+66) 0 2562 0951 – 6 Ext. 622541-43