KU Webmail

KU Webmail provide service for KU Student and Staff who have Nontri Account. Name of e-Mail same as name of Nontri Account and suffix with @ku.ac.th such as b5715150001@ku.ac.th via  http://webmail.ku.ac.th

Mail Client


Can using mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Edura and Mozilla Thunderbird for receive e-Mail via Protocal  POP3 and IMAP with more security SSL – Secure Socket Layer. Manual Setting click




  • Student ID 58 onwards will only have an e-Mail @ku.th (No have @ku.ac.th e-Mail).
  • For KU-Google Online Registration click (KU-Google Alumni click)
  • The university don’t have a policy to request personnel information via e-Mail such as Username and Password. Do not reply or send your personnel information to other. Please forward Spam Mail or Phishing Mail to OCS via antispam@ku.ac.th
  • KU Webmail Manual click
  • Regulation of KU Webmail click