Nontri Account

NONTRI Account is the university’s account that provide to KU students and staff and also for temporary users such as the university’s visitor and seminar’s participants.

NONTRI Account is used to accessing the university’s Information systems, Internet and other services such as booking Computer Laboratory Rooms or booking books at the library.


  1. Go to and fulfill your personal information;
    • For students: Can registering NONTRI Account after registering New Student – Personal Information System.
    • For staff; If already have the university’s employment letter, can registering account via the online system above.

Account Management;

  1. Go to and login with your NONTRI Account.
  2. Can manage your account with 4 menus;
    • Change Password
    • Setup Security Questions; to recover password.
    • My account and Recovery e-Mail; Show NONTRI Account, KU e-Mail and other e-Mail such as Google ( and Office 365 (
    • My account activities; Change password logs or IP Address.